Advanced Charting Module

Advanced Charting

In this lesson we will cover one of the more powerful aspects to charts, the study of price movement. The lesson will demonstrate some of the more significant price patterns and form reading bars we can learn to look for on our charts.

A good understanding of price movement can assist us in determining whether we should get into or out of our trades and is just another way of stacking the odds more and more in our favour.

Candlestick Charts and their Differences 

Since the development of the traditional candle stick chart, there have been many variations of this chart style commonly found in most charting programs today.

The presentation will discuss in detail; Traditional candle stick charts, Volume Candles and Hollow candles as well as the very popular Heiken Ashi candle stick chart style.

The lesson will show you the differences between these types of candle stick charts in terms of how they are plotted and used as well as some of the key candle stick patterns and their meanings. 

Heiken Ashi Candle Stick Charts

Probably one of the most interesting and versatile variation of the traditional candle stick chart is the Heiken Ashi Candle chart style, it’s essentially an average of prices designed to remove short term noise and clearly show you the underlying short term trend.

In this lesson you will learn how they are calculated and some of the many ways you can use them for trading, analysis purposes and their effect of other indicators.

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