Trading Margin Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange trading can be an exciting arena where you will truly learn the risks and benefits of leverage, and gain an insight into one of the most liquid markets available. This course will cover all of the facets of trading margin foreign exchange products with practical exercises to assist your understanding.

What will I learn in forex training?
By the end of this course you should know the following:
  • How forex markets work
  • Terminology used in forex trading
  • Trading aspects of margin forex
  • Spreads and margins
  • The role of market makers
  • Risk and money management
  • Currency price fluctuations
  • The effects of Interest rates
  • Economic factors affecting forex
  • Technical indicators used in the margin forex market
  • Practical applications of forex trading
  • Enhanced job competitiveness through additional knowledge and skill
  • Self-employment – active personal investor and/or trader
  • Self-managed superannuation fund investment management
  • Access to further education/training

At Smart Money Company we understand that choosing to pursue further education can be a big decision, so finding a course that fits with your lifestyle is important to your success and happiness.

That’s why our courses are designed for maximum flexibility so you can choose to take our foreign exchange trading course online for the study style that works for you.

Access your online course videos straight away, also included with each module is a PDF handout so you can build your own training manual.

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